I started this blog as a place to put all my recipes and food related posts from Chiot’s Run. You’ll find recipes, links to articles, how-to’s, information about ingredients, cookbooks and all things food. I’m an advocate of REAL food!

What is REAL food? Food that doesn’t come in a box, isn’t made in a factory and as close to it’s natural form, and hopefully purchased from the farmer/producer that made/grew/raised it. Food that’s free from preservatives and chemicals, food that’s been around for hundreds/thousands of years, food that’s nourishing for your body, your soul and your community!

You can also find me blogging about gardening & organic living at Chiot’s Run:

I’m also the on-line face of Ethel Gloves, I blog about gardening & other DIY on the Your Day Blog:

Find me at Not Dabbling in Normal, a co-op blog with writers from around the country. Together we blog about all the things we do that are a little out of the ordinary.

Who’s Who?
I’m Susy Morris, a thirty something girl who loves all things gardening, cooking, and strive to live an organic simple life. My husband will be known as “Mr Chiots” in all of my blogs. We live in NE Ohio in a small house on 3/4 of an acre with the resident chiots (the garden namesake) Lucy, who’s a lab/hound mix we got at the local point a few months after moving in. We also have collected a menagerie of cats, a few have been rescued, most of them have simply shown up on our doorstep. Some are indoor cats, some are indoor/outdoor, and one is strictly outdoor. At the moment there are four feline residents at Chiot’s Run.


3 Responses to About

  1. KC Compton says:

    Hi Susy —

    I like your blog a lot — and not ONLY because it makes me really hungry. If you’re interested in applying to blog for Mother Earth News magazine, please get in touch with me and I’ll provide details.

    All best,

    K.C. Compton
    Senior editor

  2. Teresa says:

    Hello!! I was on Chiot’s Run and wanted to ask you a question in regards to your foaming hand soap recipe – for some reason I couldn’t send it. Anyway, I made the recipe and loved it but it seemed to seperate after a day, is that normal? Should I just gently shake before use?


  3. Susie Weldon says:

    Hi Susy, love your website and love the Chiot’s Run blog you do. I’ve emailed you via the Chiot’s Run website about using a couple of lovely Chiot’s Run images in a book my charity (the Alliance of Religions and Conservation, based in the UK) is putting together about food, farming, faith and the environment. It’s going to be (we hope) an inspirational, beautiful, thought provoking exploration of some of the key issues around food, farming and sustainability for people of faith to consider, and it’s called Faith in Food: Changing the World One Meal at a Time. Please do get in touch to talk about it and if you’d like more information. All the best, Susie

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