My plate, a simple series where I show you what was on my plate, or maybe in the pan right before it goes on my plate.

On my plate for dinner January 16, 2012 – after a long day of work then running errands we got home late and I needed something quick. Local Roots in Wooster had fresh arugula from Martha’s Farm earlier that day when I was there and I grabbed a few bags figuring it would come in handy if we got home late.

While I was cooking the bacon (which I cured myself from a hog I bought from a friend who raises them), I made a salad dressing with some diced homegrown garlic, a few spoonfuls of that whole grain mustard I make, a dash of maple syrup, salt, pepper and a few good glugs of Chaffin Family Farms olive oil (OK, lots of olive oil).

The eggs were fried up in the skillet when the bacon came out, hurray for bacon grease! Then they were thrown on top of the salad with any remaining grease from the pan. Crumbled bacon on top, a few grates of local raw milk cheese from Canal Junction Cheese and we were ready to eat in a flash!

Eggs are my go-to meal when I get home late and we need something quick. You can fry up and egg in almost not time and add anything or nothing on the side. Usually we eat ours with some kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, olives, onions, potatoes, or some kind of vegetable on the side. There are those evenings however when it’s just an egg and maybe if we have some a piece of sourdough toast.

What’s your favorite quick meal when you get home late?

Quick Tip: Add some kind of probiotic or fermented item to every meal to improve digestion; helps your body absorb more nutrients from your food thus giving you more bang for your food buck! It’s not hard, a few spoonfuls of yogurt mixed in your salad dressing, a fermented pickle, some kimchi, sauerkraut…

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4 Responses to My Plate: January 16, 2012

  1. KimH says:

    I think my most common quick go to meal is lemon chicken over noodles (for the guys) and steamed veggies..

    If Im alone, I’ve been known to just eat a tamale or two and call it good. 😉

  2. goatpod2 says:

    We usually have a vegetarian meat patty or a salad with a vegetarian chickin patty on top.


  3. Omlette or frittata are my last resort preferences. You can stuff them with goodies and still have it on the table in record time. If I’m on my own I love to make spaghetti with butter, garlic and prawns as my husband doesn’t eat prawns or spaghetti so I can truly please myself!

  4. Yup, eggs. Usually scrambled, sometimes with salsa scrambled with them and then dumped on top of a corn tortilla with cheese. All food groups covered and dinner in 10 minutes.

    Corn tortillas are about the only convenience food we ever have around. Essential for a family in which bread isn’t an option (gluten sensitivities for half the household).

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