My plate, a simple series where I show you what was on my plate, or maybe in the pan right before it goes on my plate.

Tonight for dinner it was a latin themed affair, mostly because I had a batch of sourdough bread that did not like the cold weather that hit us earlier this week. It was taking too long to raise, so rolled it out and made flatbread instead. We stuffed them with venison seasoned with freshly ground spices, goat milk cheddar cheese, sauteed onions and garlic scapes, homemade salsa and had a big salad on the side.

I must admit, the sourdough flatbread take the place of a tortilla quite well. Mr Chiots give them two thumbs up (though he thought the jalapeños were a big too hot).

What have you been enjoying on your plate recently?

After a few requests, now I’ll be adding a resource section to list the ingredients I use and where I get them. I’m in the process of putting together a master list as well, that will become it’s own page.

Sourdough Flatbread – made from sourdough with King Arthur Sir Galahad flour and some freshly ground organic rye from Stutzman’s Farm in Millersburg, OH
Venison – procured from Mr Chiot’s hunting prowess, processed at Canaan Meats in Creston, OH
organic cumin seeds, smoked black pepper, and other spicesMt Rose Herbs
Onions and garlic scapes – freshly harvested from our garden
Jalapeños and tomatoes – dried and canned last season
Cilantro – courtesy of Martha’s Farm, procured at Local Roots Market, Wooster, OH
Goat Milk Cheddar Cheese – from South View Farm, purchased at Local Roots Market, Wooster, OH
Lettuce – freshly harvested from our garden
Buttermilk Dressing – buttermilk from Robert’s Farm, herbs from our garden
Goat Milk Feta – from South View Farm, purchased at Local Roots Market, Wooster, OH
Organic Olives – cured by yours truly, purchased raw olives from Chaffin Family Orchard
Dulse Flakes (seaweed) – We try to include seaweed in our diets often – from Mt Rose Herbs


7 Responses to My Plate: June 8, 2012

  1. We had trout tonight, courtesy of my husband’s friend and his obsessive fishing. It would be really sad to live on a lake so polluted that the fish isn’t safe to eat. Thankfully, that is definitely not the case for us.

    We also had a butternut squash that had been forgotten in storage and so has been hanging around since October. That’s some impressive longevity.

  2. KimH says:

    Looks delish! I had shrimp & broccoli stir fry tonight.

    Last night I had a nice creamy shrimp salad topped with celery, avocado, red onions, garlic scapes & cilantro and m’honey had blue cheese crumbles & dressing on his.

  3. elizabeth says:

    Would like to try making the flatbread. Were you making the norwich sourdough recipe, but instead rolled out pieces and cooked briefly in a hot skillet to make flatbreads?

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