My plate, a simple series where I show you what was on my plate, or maybe in the pan right before it goes on my plate.

Earlier this week, Mr Chiots had to travel, so I needed a quick meal to whip up the night before that would be good for him to eat cold the next day. What’s better cold than pizza? I didn’t have time to make dough for the crust, so I used a sourdough caibatta that I had in the freezer. I cut the bread in half, smeared the cut sides  with roasted tomato passata and loaded it up with vegetables: homemade olives, caramelized homegrown onions, sun dried homegrown tomatoes and completed it with a good measure of local raw milk cheese.

Into the oven it went for a few minutes to melt the cheese to hold everything together. I sent half of it with him and kept the other half for my own dinner. He enjoyed his cold while on the road, while I warmed mine in the oven for a few minutes. Pizza can be a healthy meal if you use sourdough crust and load it up with lots of healthy toppings. It’s also a great traveling food because it’s almost just as good cold as it is warmed up.

What’s your favorite pizza topping?


3 Responses to My Plate: March 28, 2012

  1. Brittany says:

    Everything! Never met a topping I did not like. Barbeque pizza is pretty outrageous though. YUM!

  2. KimH says:

    Yum… sounds & looks delish!! Hmn.. My favorite pizza toppings is sausage.. love olives, onions & mushrooms too.. Yum!
    Actually I usually just eat the toppings and toss the crust.. but I wouldnt mind eating a crust like your sour dough ciabatta at least once. 😉

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