Each day I get a few questions from readers, after spending a lot of time answering question, often the same ones, I figured a Q&A section on the blog would be beneficial for us all. The comment section always provides a wealth of information as so many readers are more experienced than I am and can often provide regional information as well. This is a great way to pool our knowledge so we can all learn something new!

You’ll find links to all the questions/answers below.

Q & A: What do you eat while traveling?


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  1. Sasha says:

    Hi … i follow both your websites on daily basis …i have noticed that you have read “nourishing traditions” just want to know what you think of the book, is it worth buying? thanks

    • Susy says:

      I do like Nourishing Traditions, I use it as a reference, especially for directions on soaking nuts/grains, etc. I don’t always follow the recipes as printed, I’m not much of one to do that. I’d say it’s worth the price, it’s a huge book and you’ll glean a lot of great info from it!

  2. kellie steele says:

    Hi Susy, I have a question about apple cider. In Australia we have apple cider which is an alcoholic drink, we have sparkling apple juice which is like cider but non-alcoholic, or we have apple juice. If an american recipe asks for apple cider which of these would be the equivalent. Thank you for helping me clear this up 🙂

    • Susy says:

      Our cider would be closest to apple juice, though it’s different. Cider is a spicier, more complex drink than regular apple juice. It’s typically not clear like the juice sold in the stores, but apple juice would be a good substitute.

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